Success Stories

Success Stories

In 2015 we implemented the Model of Admin Know-How (MAKH) program from WISE in our company. Immediately we increased production, our delivery, our quality of service and product, our professionalism, our customer satisfaction, and our viability. Ever since that time we have hit highest ever levels of production every year. WISE has enabled us to build a better and better organization.

We recently surveyed our employees and they said: “I learn new things here, I’ve evolved and have become more confident in myself. This is a solid company with good organization and pleasant colleagues.”

Since implementing the MAKH we have received official awards every year for good finance, awards for expansion, and handcraftsmen of the year.

My wife and I have been able to be away from the company for extended periods this past year, but the company anyways did highest ever on turnover and solvency last year. Also we have been able to increase our philanthropy endeavors even more than ever before, due to our increased solvency.

Running the business has been more fun as more organization goes in and expansion occurs.

– David Frykman, DM TAK Stockholm

“Running a business with staff and clients can sometimes make you feel bogged down, tired and frustrated. However, since putting in the basics of the Hubbard Administration Technology into our company we have become much more prosperous with far less effort and almost no upset. That lets us focus on delivering great service to our clients and work toward accomplishing the purpose of our business. The bottom line is that the Model of Admin Know How Program takes the worry out of business and makes it as fun and as exciting as it was the first day we opened.”

– John Nesbit, CEO of The Customer Factory

“The Model of Admin Know-How tools give people an exact program to manage everything from their Stats and Org Board, to Conditions and Admin Scales.

We have been using this tool very successfully in our own company and to the degree that we implemented the Model of Admin Know-How program, we have exponentially grown. Evidence is in the stats. We have expanded more than 30X and we are just getting started!”

– Rafferty Pendery, Founder of Studio98

We started our real estate business in 2004 with just two partners.

Now we are a team of 13 and expanded our highly specialized production offices into a local landmark high-rise. We’ve continued to expand and are now well-known in our city and regularly receive awards and recognitions for our work – three well-known industry magazines just recently each gave us an award as “best in industry”.

Our income last year was highest in history and this year is on track to beat even that. This program is part of our expansion.

– Franz Speiler, Spieler & Seeberger Immobilien

In 1985 I founded my practice starting with just my wife and myself. Today we have 52 people working with us – and continue with constant expansion and are building even more premises to take on additional technicians.

The technology has helped us implement broad promotional campaigns in our community which has attracted a large number of new clients, and we are now quite well known throughout the city.

We are now working to buy several other practices and will form them into a network with high quality services being delivered throughout our city.

The benefits from WISE have helped me considerably to improve the quality of the administration in our practice, and build up a team of executives who know exactly what to do, what is successful and what is not.

- Dr. Thomas Röder

We’ve used the benefits from WISE to grow our single “husband and wife” company to now four companies – all of them growing and successful. We used to do lots of late nights, lots of backlogs, a lot of coping and not enough money to pay the bills. Now we’ve eliminated the backlogs, all production is current and statistics are increasing with full financial control. On top of that, we now travel the world for about half the year, and regularly participate in several volunteer activities for our community and our church.

Working without this technology would be like walking blind in a desert. Thanks to WISE the “work” is now fun and rewarding.

– M. H.

I started my business from scratch in 2010. By using the benefits of my WISE membership, I was able to work my way out of Non-Existence with the correct application of the technology. By using the organizing board and statistical management, I was able to make the right decisions and find the successful actions for my business.

With all these tools and this data I have built up my company from 1 to now 9 staff and we’ve continued to expand – we are now in a long term Affluence trend.

I’ve used all this technology to now find the time to expand and create another new company – the Hubbard Administrative Technology helped me to accomplish all of that.

– C.G.

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