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For Business Owners with 1 to 5 Employees For Business Owners with 6 to 20 Employees For Business Owners with 21 or More Employees
Authorization to use the Hubbard Administrative Technology in your company or business
Prosperity Planner™ at www.ProsperityPlanner.net Includes 100 pages of Management Tools, references and Prosperity Checklists

Online only

Online and hard copy on request
2 per year

Online and hard copy on request
2 per year for up to 3 staff

Online and hard copy on request
2 per year for up to 9 staff

Discounts & Access to www.MAKH.org The online Model of Admin Know-How™ platform
Policy Referral Services
WISE Online Directory at www.wise.directory
Prosperity Magazine online at www.Prosperity.net
WISE Membership Pin, Prosperity newsletters and Hubbard Admin Tech Quotes of the Week
Hubbard Administrative Technology booklets

6 FREE booklets per year

12 FREE booklets per year

18 FREE booklets per year

24 FREE booklets per year

WISE Convention Discounts

5% discount

10% discount

15% discount

20% discount

Charter Committee Dispute Resolution Services — for ethics and justice assistance (contact Charter Committee for rates)