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For Individuals Only
Not for Business Owners
For Business Owners with 1 to 5 Employees For Business Owners with 6 to 20 Employees For Business Owners with 21 or More Employees
Authorization to use the Hubbard Administrative Technology in your company or business
Discounts & Access to www.MAKH.org The online Model of Admin Know-How™ platform
Policy Referral Services
Prosperity Magazine online at www.Prosperity.net
WISE Membership Pin, Prosperity newsletters and Hubbard Admin Tech Quotes of the Week
Hubbard Administrative Technology booklets

6 FREE booklets per year

12 FREE booklets per year

18 FREE booklets per year

24 FREE booklets per year

WISE Convention Discounts

5% discount

10% discount

15% discount

20% discount

Charter Committee Dispute Resolution Services — for ethics and justice assistance (contact Charter Committee for rates)
WISE Prosperity Planner includes 100 pages of Management Tools, references and Prosperity Checklists

Not Available

Upon request
2 per year

Upon request
2 per year for up to 3 staff

Upon request
2 per year for up to 9 staff

Charter Committee Services — assistance with Model of Admin Know-How Program implementation

Not Included