WISE Member Charter Committees


Enduring groups establish committees and codes to ensure their survival. By doing so, a group stays true to its goals and can rapidly progress toward the attainment of them.

L. Ron Hubbard recognized that high standards of ethical conduct were necessary for survival and that groups can only succeed where they exist. Thus, he wrote extensively on the subject and developed a modern system of ethics which, for the first time, provides an individual with tools to become more ethical in life on his own volition. He also developed a unique and workable system of justice which protects the group without resorting to acts of retribution.

WISE members embrace these principles and maintain high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with both fellow WISE members and others. They understand that truly stellar results are attained where ethical standards are also high.

Charter Members of WISE

Charter Committees, composed of WISE Charter members, are bodies that administer the WISE membership on matters of ethics and justice. However, they also extend their care to their local area and help build a strong community.

As the name suggests, Charter members receive a charter from WISE to administer the membership in their area. As a committee, they provide ethics services; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services and assistance to members to complete the steps of the Model of Admin Know-How workbook.

In matters spiritual or personal in nature, Charter Committees do not interfere. Instead, upon inquiry, they refer businesspeople to the local Church of Scientology, so they can find the exact service needed to deal with their situations. Charter Committees are concerned strictly with business matters.

Charter Members in the Community

Charter members assist their community and local WISE membership through many different activities. For example:

1. A WISE member finds himself involved in a business dispute and, despite attempts, it has not resolved. Rather than resort to an expensive and overcrowded legal system, Charter members are specially trained in L. Ron Hubbard’s technology of handling disputes. The results can be spectacular:

“I came to this procedure with a lot of hesitation but with a full trust of Mr. Hubbard’s technology. The procedure was amazing, as were the results.

“We came in confused and are now leaving disentangled from the scene. We came as enemies; now we are friends. These principles properly applied achieve unbelievable results.”

2. A business person finds himself suffering from some situation in business, so much so that it is consuming his time, damaging his family life and thwarting his spiritual progress. His local WISE Member Charter Committee would assist him to resolve this situation using the tools of ethics and assisting him to implement basic L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative principles through the Model of Admin Know-How workbook, so the true source of the situation is addressed. And when seeking to flourish in his personal and family life, he would be referred to his local Scientology church where he can benefit from L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs across the full spectrum of life.

The above two examples give some idea of a Charter Committee’s activities. However, there are numerous possibilities for a Charter Committee to assist.

Many Charter members, in addition to helping WISE members and professionals in their community, also see to the broad dissemination of the Hubbard management system through seminars and local outreach activities. Many Charter members are fulltime Hubbard management consultants.