Hubbard Colleges of Administration


The Hubbard College of Administration International (HCA Int) and its network of more than 25 colleges in 18 countries are the top training centers for L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology. They deliver programs and courses based exclusively on L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative works.

The network of Hubbard Colleges is headed by the Hubbard College of Administration International in Los Angeles, California. This is the premier L. Ron Hubbard administrative training organization for commercial activities. HCA International is where people go to get the best in Hubbard management training and to expand the scope of their abilities.

It is licensed by the State of California as a degree-granting institution, allowing it to confer business management degrees based solely on a curriculum of L. Ron Hubbard administrative works. Thus any business person or college undergraduate seeking a degree in Business Administration can train at the Hubbard College of Administration International.